Joni Hay Patras - Welcome

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" When it looked like the sun wasn't going to shine anymore, there's a rainbow in the clouds."


-Maya Angelou


Hi- thanks for stopping by to visit my website! My writing interest began as a child. I began writing poetry in elementary school. My mom saved the poems over the years, then gave the collection back to me. My kids enjoyed hearing my 40-year-old poems. (We had a few belly laughs too!)

During high school, I was surprised to win a poetry contest.  I never shared my writing before to anyone outside of our family.

Writing picture books sparked my interest when I began a career as an elementary school counselor. I had the BEST audience to test out my stories during guidance lessons.

I recently created a blog, Looking For Rainbows, to help children look for rainbows on stormy days.  My blog will provide information involving the emotional, social, and academic needs of children.

Check out my Pinterest page for activities you can use in the classroom to promote a safe and kind environment. Also, take a look at the RESOURCE page that contains a comprehensive list of the latest articles, organizations, apps, and books for helping kids.

(P.S. The fluffy dog pictured above is our family dog, Belle. She's a medium sized chocolate Labradoodle.  Belle's crazy personality inspired me to write a picture book series.)

Click on the article below to read about a Blue Ribbon Campaign for Hope

in honor of Children's Grief Awareness Day. (Yes, that's me covered in the chain!)